Cytokine storm

Bird flu and the cytokine storm

Excess cytokine from an H5N1 infection can result in a fatal inflammation of the lungs, caused by the body's own immune responseA cytokine storm is an over-stimulated immune response to infection.  Evidence is mounting that cytokine storms can be activated by bird flu.

Cytokines are hormones in the immune system.  When they are released at the right time in the right amounts, cytokines enable your immune system to fight off infections.

However, if cytokines are overstimulated and remain present for too long or reach very high levels, they are inflammatory and damaging to the body.  These storms can cause severe lung inflammation, and be fatal.

Your biggest opponent in a pandemic of bird flu may not be the flu virus itself.  It may be your own immune system, trying too hard to defend itself.

What natural supplements can your family take during a bird flu pandemic to help mediate cytokine?

Our research has found a number of herbs and supplements that are likely to help your body regulate its cytokine levels.  It is likely that taking them will reduce the chances of death due to a cytokine storm.

  • Fish oils
  • Flax seed oil
  • Curcumin
  • Vitamin D
Fish oils and Vitamin D may help keep your body healthy and balanced during a flu pandemic.

Natural cytokine mediation may be achieved with supplements of fish oils and vitamin D.

Fish oils are high in Omega-3, an essential fatty acid lacking in many people’s diets.  You or your kids may be pleasantly surprised to learn that cod liver oil actually doesn’t taste bad at all.

Not at all like in your great-grandmother’s day!

In addition to fighting infection and supporting your immune system, fish oils benefit the body in many ways.

Cod liver oil and flax oil may help mediate a potentially fatal cytokine storm caused by H5N1 bird fluThe fatty acids that fish oils contain are very important for the development of a healthy heart, brain and nervous system.  Fish oils increase your ability to concentrate and focus, due to the fact that they are providing excellent nutrients for your brain.

Medical and biochemical researchers believe that feeding cod liver oil to children will help prevent learning disabilities.  Fish oils not only fight viral infections, but also help prevent chronic conditions such as heart disease and cancer.  Flax oil also benefits the body in many ways.

Cod liver oil….

  • ….helps build strong bones in children, and helps prevent bone degeneration in adults.
  • ….keeps the skin moist and radiant-looking.
  • ….and best of all, it’s a powerful infection fighter.

Flax oil…

  • ….keeps the colon cleansed and helps prevents cancer.
  • ….contains the same kinds of essential fatty acids as cod liver oil.
  • ….and the seeds provide a good source of protein and contain many vitamins and trace minerals &mdash including vitamin E and carotene, which also aid in the metabolism of the oil.

Flax oil or flax seeds are an excellent addition to your diet as you prepare for a bird flu pandemic.

Cytokine storms are like the avalanche that is set off by a tiny disturbance in a snow-covered mountainside.

First, the immune system detects the viral infection.  Then it releases cytokines to defend the body, which in turn creates a cascade of cytokines, compounding the damage to sensitive tissue.

A cytokine storm is similar to rubbing your eyes when having an allergic reaction.  Rubbing releases more histamines, which makes the initial irritation worse.

How is a cytokine storm related to bird flu?

Experts believe that fatalities from past avian flu pandemics may have been due to severe lung inflammation brought on by a cytokine storm.

Many bacterial and viral infections weaken the systems of the body and pave the way for secondary infections.  This can intensify the lethal potential of the initial infection.

The bird flu, fortunately, is not likely to open up the body to secondary infections.  The main challenge is to keep your immune system from having an exaggerated response, such as a cytokine storm.

The quick deaths caused by flu pandemics in the past baffled medical experts because so many healthy young adults were the victims.

Fish oils, vitamin D and curcumin can help reduce or eliminate the possibility of cytokine storms.

Curcumin from turmeric may help prevent avian flu by reducing the danger of a cytokine stormCurcumin is also called turmeric. Indian foods make much use of this pungent yellow powder, a relative of the ginger family.  Curcumin is undergoing intense research to test its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti cancer properties.

Said to be more potent than garlic and some fish oils, curcumin’s antioxidant activity is impressive.

Add curcumin, fish oils and vitamin D to your diet, and benefit from their many healing qualities.  Also eliminate or reduce your chances of getting sick when faced with preparing for a bird flu pandemic.

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